Wittlebird.....for wittle People.

We make handmade wings for imaginative dress up and play. These are a beautiful handmade keepsake packaged in a calico bag for storage and washing. 100% cotton and up-cycled wings all handmade.

The feathers are left with raw edges to allow for natural fraying for a feathery look. They are finished with calico backing and bias binding, elastic for finger attachment and another at forearm and shoulder for support.

Seriously cool wings for seriously cool kids ! .............. it's all about COLOUR!

Let their imagination soar and be whatever bird , fairy, dragon or superhero they imagine.

WittleBird wings are treasured keepsake items for your child's wardrobe or an amazing gift and well worth the adventure.



Toddler (generally ages 2-4) - 32 inch wingspan (approx. 80cm)

Child (generally ages 5-8) - 38 inch wingspan (approx. 96cm)


A special thanks to Burdastyle for inspiration of these wings.



I am a Melbourne stay at home Mum (currently living in Slovakia for my partners work for 18months) that has created WittleBird as a home based business so i can be available for my 2 children. 

I believe all children should have imaginative dress ups in any shape or form. 

I have endeavoured to make the wings with a quilted look on the inside for that one of a kind handmade feel.

I am currently making the wings and hope to add masks in 2013.